Thank you for taking the first step in getting more involved in AFCEA NOVA by identifying areas within the chapter where your interests and expertise can be leveraged to enhance the overall experience of all members.

To volunteer and serve on one or more AFCEA NOVA committees, review the committee descriptions below and then select those committees where you would like to be an active participant.


Operational Teams

Responsible for oversite of the daily operations of the organization, including the Chapter's management support contract, Chapter Standard Operating Procedures for each VP & committee area, policy development, maintenance of the Chapter's written strategic plan, staffing & resources requirements, prioritization of Chapter activities, leadership & records/working papers management, leadership transfer, and institutional change management.

Responsible for reviewing those persons who deserve special recognition for contributing to the goals, objectives, and general welfare of the Chapter and AFCEA, including interface with the AFCEA International Awards Committee, recommendation to the Board those chapter members deserving of awards such as the SuperNOVA, and for developing new methods for recognizing the achievements and contributions to the community of individual AFCEA NOVA members and companies. Coordinates with other committees for Young AFCEAN of the Month and Enlisted Service Member of the Quarter.

Responsible for the annual review of Chapter fiscal policy & controls, as well as advising the Board of Directors on all strategic financial matters.

Responsible for providing an infrastructure for achieving the paper and electronic records and communication of AFCEA NOVA, including the Chapter website, membership databases, guest databases, email communications and policies, and planning and executing a technical strategy for internal and external communication with the members, nonmember guests, other organizations, press, government offices, and general public.

The central mission of the Member Ambassador Committee is member retention, member engagement, and being a resource for the chapter membership. The committee will focus on guiding new individual and corporate members through the AFCEA NOVA chapter orientation, identifying areas of high impact from the chapter membership, and be an advocate and liaison for all members. Member ambassadors will facilitate networking and relationship building, encourage members to engage in various chapter committees, and ultimately support members in achieving the desired outcomes for their membership.

Responsible for publicizing all chapter activities through various trade, military, and public journals, as well as advertise through electronic, other PR outlets, or print/electronic media, including the arrangement for photographic coverage of meetings, symposia, and social events, and serve as the chapter point of contact with the Editor of SIGNAL magazine.

The purpose of the Women in NOVA (WIN) Committee is to provide a forum for Government, military, and industry women the opportunity to prepare, promote, support, and mentor senior and emerging leaders within the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
The WIN Committee will build a powerful network to share experiences, to enhance professional relationships, and encourage significant contributions by their members.

Responsible for the planning and execution of programs which will increase the numbers of, and participation level of, AFCEA NOVA members under the age of 40, including providing mentoring opportunities for up-and-coming leaders, venues for social and business networking with peers, coordination of direct volunteer efforts to support the other NOVA Chapter programs and committees, and promotion of scholarship opportunities and other benefits of AFCEA NOVA involvement.

Government & Education

Adopt a School Mission is to provide adopted schools with resources and personnel to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. This program is collaboration between the AFCEA NOVA Chapter and the adopted school. The chapter provides a school POC and additional personnel, guidance, encouragement and funding for the school to succeed in STEM subjects.

Responsible for promoting and fostering education in disciplines supporting AFCEA by providing educational incentives, opportunities, grants, and assistance for people engaged in information management, communications and intelligence efforts and fostering excellence in education particularly in the "hard sciences" disciplines related to C4I/IRM, including: outreach to high schools & teachers, outreach to local universities, professors, and departments, outreach to students, resource development; program development; establishment of grant-giving policies & procedures, community partnering, and publicity.

Responsible for planning and implementing strategies to increase the participation of Government employees in AFCEA NOVA, including partnering with various agencies and offices, special recognition and awards programs, targeted government communications, removing transportation and other barriers to government participation, identifying rising leaders within government that should be affiliated with AFCEA NOVA, encouraging the participation of military and government members in AFCEA NOVA committees, and especially encouraging the participation of enlisted men and women.

Responsible for maximizing and assuring the participation and attendance of Government members and guests at all levels within AFCEA NOVA, by establishing a network of liaisons in every Government/Military office in Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington area that has an interest in IT & National Security. Liaisons will work to keep his/her office/unit/command/outfit informed about upcoming AFCEA NOVA events, luncheons, symposia, & scholarship opportunities, as well as actively recruit and bringing Government members and guests from within the unit to AFCEA NOVA events.

Responsible for the administration and award of AFCEA NOVA annual scholarships to qualified students pursuing higher education in various technology, scientific, or security related fields. The committee is involved in various aspects of scholarships, including: setting eligibility requirements, setting selection requirements that take into account merit and need, application process, marketing and outreach to publicize the opportunity, application evaluation & recipient selection, awarding of scholarships & associated events, publicity, follow-up payments, re-certification of second-year awards.

IT Days

Responsible for the planning and execution of the Air Force IT Day Conferences, including: site reservation, volunteer recruitment, setting themes & topics, speaker recruitment, sponsor recruitment & services, event marketing, registration, working with government liaison offices, exhibits, speaker/flag-writer prep, hotel & AV arrangements, scholarships, media relations, materials prep, onsite logistics, check-in, & flow management.

Responsible for the strategy, direction, planning and logistics for Army IT Day Conferences

Responsible for the strategy, direction, planning and logistics for Naval/Marine Corps IT Day Conferences

Responsible for the strategy, direction, planning and logistics for Warfighter IT Day Conferences



This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the Annual Golf Tournament, including: site reservation, volunteer recruitment, logistics, government invites, sponsor recruitment, giveaways solicitation, event marketing, registration, entertainment, banquet planning, onsite logistics, check-in, & flow management.

The Mentor-Protege Committee plans AFCEA NOVA's evening mentorship programs for Young AFCEANs.

Manages strategy through execution for AFCEA-NOVA's monthly luncheon events and corporate member table holders, including policy, benefits, marketing, recruiting, monthly registration, corp table holder services, collections, ensuring exposure, and evaluating the experiences of the Corp Table Holders. Plan the annual exclusive Executive Roundtable event in which Sponsors send their executives for a not-for-attribution intimate evening of dinner and discussions with past speakers and a featured guest keynoter.

Responsible for encouraging the education, growth, and development of small businesses within Northern Virginia and the National Capital Region.

Responsible for the planning and execution of the Sweetheart Ball, including: site reservation, themes, entertainment, government guest invites, sponsor recruitment & table sales, event marketing, registration, ballroom decorations, giveaways, pictures, onsite logistics, check-in, & flow management.

STEM Scholarship Application Open

The AFCEA NOVA Educational Foundation awards a significant number of annual merit-based scholarships to qualified students who are pursuing degrees in STEM technical fields supportive of our national security. 

Applications due February 28, 2018.


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